Jeremiah 9:6

"'You live in the midst of deception; in thier deceit they refuse to acknowledge me', Declares the Lord."

Monday, December 15, 2008

Freaks of Evolution Part 4

The Squid
The squid is an example of what is called “convergent evolution”. Although the squid is not at all similar to humans, (at least, most humans) the squid’s eye is almost exactly like our own. Humans have some of the best eyesight in the world. For an incredible wonder of optical engineering like the human eye to evolve once by random chance is so close to impossible that it is not worth mentioning. But to assume that the human eye evolved seperatly in both human and squid really pushes it over the edge.

Evolving an Eye
The eye is a hard feature to explain with evolution because so many different things have to be working perfectly before it can do its owner any good at all. Evolution depends on random mutations causing creatures to gain advantages over their competitors. This ensures that they would be the most likely to live, and pass on their mutations to their offspring. But what is the advantage of having an eye that can’t see yet? It would take generations upon generations, (according to evolutionists) to build up enough beneficial mutations to create a working eye. And all these generations would have no advantage to ensure their survival.

Perfecting an Eye
Now suppose you already had a functioning eye, (like the supposed ancestor of the squid would have had). What would it take to mutate this primitive eye into an eye resembling a human? Well, according to macro evolutionists, it would be like throwing the most complex, expensive camera off a cliff, running to the bottom, and finding that your camera has mutated into a better camera. Even a simple eye is more complex than any camera. And mutations are like throwing something off a cliff, extremely destructive! As I said above, every part of the eye must be working perfectly for the eye to function. This includes the Iris, Pupil, Dilator and Sphincter muscles, Lacrimal gland, Lacrimal sac, Eye muscles, Cornea, Lens, Conjunctiva, Retina Choroid, Sclera, Ciliary body, Vitreous humor, Macula Lutea, Fovea, Optic nerve, And rods and cones. A slight mutation to any of these could cause the entire eye to fail. Now assuming you threw two completely different cameras off a cliff. Even if they both mutated into a better camera you would never expect them to turn into the same type of camera would you? But according to macro evolutionists that is exactly what happened with the squid and human.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Carbon 14

A Useful Mistake
Macro Evolutionists are very fond of throwing around large numbers. When they find a fossil, they often run tests on it to try to find it’s age. One of the most popular tests among macro evolutionists is carbon 14 dating, (along with Potassium Argon, and Uranium Lead). Carbon 14 is an unstable element. This means that, once created, it will start to break down into what is called its “daughter element”. Since carbon 14 is found basically everywhere, and is decaying at a known rate, scientists assume they can determine the age of a fossil by guessing how much carbon 14 the animal contained when fossilized, and measuring the amount it contains now. At first, this seems like a viable way to measure age, but let’s look further into the implications and see what we find…

Half Life
As I said above, carbon 14 is decaying at a know rate. This rate is called a “half life”. A half life is the amount of time it takes for half of any amount of an element to break down into its daughter element. The half life of carbon 14 happens to be around 5,730 years. So, if you locked 12 ounces of carbon 14 in a air-tight case, and came back in 5,730 years, only about 6 ounces would remain. Just to clarify, the case must be airtight, or else more carbon 14 could seep in and contaminate the experiment. Back to the point, if you came back in another 5,730 years, only 3 ounces would remain. In this way, the amount would continue to be cut in half until virtually none was left. Now imagine you left the case full of carbon 14 alone for a few million years. so little carbon 14 would be left by then that it would be impossible to measure accurately. Wait a second! Haven’t scientists been using carbon 14 to tell us the ages of supposed “million year old” fossils? Yes they have. Are you beginning to see the problem? In fact, if an object is presumed to be over 50,000 years, most C14 labs won’t bother with it. Why? Because the reading would be meaningless. Only objects less than 3,000 years old can be dated with reasonable accuracy

The information you just read would probably make a few macro evolutionists pretty red in the cheeks. They have been tossing around “millions of years” for so long that they no longer even think twice about the scientific authority that they are abusing. Worse yet, carbon 14 dating of any kind must start with some pretty questionable fundamental assumptions.

1. The saturation of carbon 14 in our atmosphere has always been the same. We know this isn’t true because C14 has been forming faster than it has been decaying.

2. Carbon 14 is formed in the same amount all over the world. Since C14 is formed in the earth’s upper atmosphere as the result of cosmic radiation (and since the sun hits some parts of the earth harder than others), this is possible, but not likely.

3. the amount of carbon 14 found in specimens is the same worldwide. Organisms get their C14 from sources like the air they breathe, the water they swim in, and the food they eat. With this many factors, it is not possible for all creatures to have exactly the same amount of C14.

4. Ancient specimens have not been contaminated by new C14. As I said earlier, if a case full of C14 is not airtight, new C14 will contaminate it. The rocks surrounding fossils provide an airtight barrier so that no new C14 is gained, but contaminations are possible during testing.

5. Normal radioactive decay is the only way C14 is lost. We know that heat causes specimens to lose C14 faster than normal, so fossils in volcanic rock often date to be millions of years older than they are. Since lots of fossils are found in volcanic rock, and there are other things that interfere with C14 decay, this assumption is all but false.

With so many assumptions in C14 dating, there is really no room for error. When I realized how many things could go wrong with C14 dating, I thought it was a wonder they even used it at all!

The problems with C14 dating have had serious consequences. Living mollusks have tested to be 2,300 years old. Mortar from an 800 year old castle tested to be 7,370 years old. Fresh seal skins dated to be 1,300 years old. So why use C14? I think macro evolutionists are fond of the way C14 tends to make things appear older. The mistakes of C14 dating have turned out to be useful to scientists who want the public to believe in millions of years. It turns out that evolutionists don’t know all the dates they would like us to believe they do. It’s all just a show.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Noah's Ark

Fact or Fairy Tale?
Noah’s Ark has been the laughing stock of the scientific community, (or at least, they call themselves “scientific”) for decades. But in light of modern research, The Bible’s account of the Ark is no longer a fairy tale. Unfortunately, I don’t think enough Christians know this. Answers is Genesis has written extensively about Noah’s Ark, so I will be using a lot of their info for my own post. This post will contain information on the Capacity, Constructability, and Survivability of the ark.

Before Modern Genetics, I suppose scientists had a reason to question the Bible’s account. You see, back then scientists didn’t fully understand how species can naturally change through time. Sounds like evolution doesn’t it? Well, it is, Micro Evolution is change within certain limits, And we see it happening all the time. Its Macro evolution that is the problem. Back to the point, since scientists didn’t understand genetics, they thought there must have been two of every species of animal on the Ark. And they knew there was no way any type of boat could fit all those animals. For this reason, they reasoned, the Ark story must have been a strange campfire story invented by savages. However, we now know that only two of each TYPE of animal was needed on the ark. From two ancestor dogs, it is possible to derive all the diverse dogs we see today. In fact, we now know that no more than 35,000 animals were needed on the ark. Try that compared to millions! Also, most of the animal’s aboard the ark were very small, not at all what the children's ark depicts. Even large animals like elephants could have been carried as juveniles. Of course, 35,000 is still a big number. However, the ark was a big boat! It was at least 450 ft long, 75 ft wide, and 45 ft high, a mid-sized cargo ship by today’s standards. Capable of carrying twice that amount of animals! This leaves plenty of room for food, fresh water, and even other people.

It seems ridiculous to think that Noah, with only his three sons, could have built such a monstrous boat. But the Bible never says that Noah and his sons built the ark alone! I never really thought of this until I read an article on Noah’s ark on the Answers in Genesis website. Noah could have hired tons of skilled laborers and engineers. Think of the types of building loans you could take out if you never had to pay them back! Evil laugh….. Just kidding, I’m sure Noah was an honest man, and even if he never hired any help, he had years to complete his vessel. Many would argue that technology in Noah’s days was insufficient to create such a huge vessel. But this is an “evolutionary concept” as Answers in Genesis says, “Even accounting for the possible loss of technology due to the Flood, early post-Flood civilizations display all the engineering know-how necessary for a project like Noah’s Ark. People sawing and drilling wood in Noah’s day, only a few centuries before the Egyptians were sawing and drilling granite, is very reasonable”! Not only could Noah have had the technology to build the ark, he could have maintained it very well too. Automatic grain dispensers, Waste disposal mechanisms, and other mechanisms wouldn’t necessarily make life on the ark enjoyable, but livable.

When modern engineers first analyzed the proportions of the biblical ark, they were surprised to find they were not unlike a modern cargo ship! For Years, Creationists have depicted the ark as a rectangular cube. This design helps analyze capacity, and illustrate size. In wave pool tests, the rectangular ark showed a balance of stability, comfort, and hull-strength. However, the bible never says the ark was a rectangle. The bible only gives us length, width, and height. But God more likely than not gave Noah much more detailed instructions than this. Although the proportions of the biblical ark are near optimal (able to withstand 98ft waves!) researchers have created designs that would have made the ark even more stable, without contradicting scripture. Structures that catch the wind and current could have been built to keep the ark facing the waves. This would ensure that the ark wouldn’t broach, (turn sideways in the waves and roll over). In the end there is no reason to believe the ark could not have survived the flood. With the limited information given in the Bible we know that the Ark’s proportions were good, but we don’t have to assume the ark was a floating box. Modern ships are described all the time in dimensions of length, width, and height without implying a box-shaped hull. So yes, the Ark could, (and obviously did) survive the flood.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My World View 1

A world view is a set of principles and beliefs that shape the way we think, act, and live. A world
view will answer questions like, “What is the cause of evil and suffering?” or, “What happens to man after death? Needless to say, the way you answer these questions will also govern your ultimate purpose in life. For this reason, I have written out my personal world view to finalize and organize all of what I believe. My world view will be contained in the answers to seven basic questions. Our first question will explain my beliefs about God. In this essay I will not discuss in detail the proof I have for the existence of a God. However, I am able to say that all I will say in this essay is supported by both science, And the Bible.

My World View 2

What is God Like?
God is a supernatural being who is both personal, and infinite. The personal nature of God affirms that he is not a mere “force” or a Supernatural “mind”. Instead, he is a God capable of anger, love, regret, compassion, and every emotion known to man. God is not far off and untouchable, but a God who is interested in the lives of his creation, and who wants a personal relationship with us. God’s infinite nature assures us that God had no beginning, and will have no end. This means he required no creator, but was the creator of all things. God’s infinite nature extends also to his love, wisdom, perfection, and power. With God as our building block we can begin to enquire as to the nature of his creation.

My World View 3

What is the Nature of the Universe?
The universe was created by God. It consists of two parts; a portion visible two man, and a portion invisible to man. The visible portion is our material universe. This portion, in which we live, is confined by time, matter, and energy. God created this portion of his creation to be a temporary home for mankind. Our eternal home is in the “invisible” portion of the universe. By “invisible” I mean that it cannot be seen by those living in the visible universe. This portion of the universe is not confined by time. 2 Peter 3:8 says “But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: with the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day”. God also created Mankind, whose nature will be our next topic.

My World View 4

What is the Nature of Man?
Man was created in the image of god, his creator. God created mankind to glorify him, and to be the object of his love. However, man has fallen into sin, which prevents us from fulfilling our full purpose, and separates us from God. When the Bible says, “So God created man is his own image”, (Gen 1:27) it refers not to our physical likeness to God, but to the fact that we were created to be “personal”. We also were created with an eternal soul, and the ability to make independent choices. Mankind was originally perfect, and blameless. We made the independent choice to rebel from god’s authority, and are now in danger of eternal punishment after death. We have also inherited a “sinful nature” that causes us to be unable to keep from sinning to some extent. Man’s very nature is sinful, not by God’s doing, but our own rebellion. Now that we have touched the subject of sin, it becomes necessary to define what exactly sin is.

My World View 5

What is the Basis of Morality and Ethics?
God is the basis for morality and ethics, and the ultimate judge of humanity. To understand right from wrong, we must look no further than the Bible, which is God’s revelation to us. There are several reasons that I believe God determines right from wrong. Among these, the Bible is by far the most important. Psalm 19:7 says, “The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making the wise simple”. God’s law has been clearly revealed to us throughout the Bible. Among the most straight-forward, and well known revelations are the Ten Commandments, which lay out a grid of basic rules, filled in richly throughout the rest of the Bible. The Bible teaches that Jesus was the only man ever to live a perfect life. Christians are then called to follow Christ’s example. Sin, defined, is anything apart from the perfection of God. Of course, no one, other than Jesus, has achieved perfection, which leads us to the cause of evil, and suffering.

My World View 6

What is the Cause of Evil and Suffering?
Evil and suffering are the consequences of man’s rebellion from God since man’s first sin in the Garden of Eden. Many people today wonder how a kind and loving God could allow all the suffering in the world today. The answer to their question is actually found in the nature of man. God created man with the ability to choose to do either right, or wrong. He did this out of love, because he didn’t want to force us to obey him. This would have made us virtual robots, unable to make independent choices, or to honor God with our obedience. Suffering, then, is caused by the independent choices of fallen mankind. Evil is also the result of man’s independent choices. Evil entered the world though man’s sin in the Garden of Eden. The Bible teaches that Satan, (a fallen angel), is the main force of evil on earth. Satan is the tempter of humanity, who constantly tries to separate us from God. God did not create evil, evil is the absence of God, and the rejection of his law. God will Judge each person for their sin. And after death, God will punish those who have caused others to suffer. This is one subject of our next question.

My World View 7

What Happens to Man After Death?
After Death, mankind will enter the “invisible” universe, and receive either reward, or punishment based on their life on earth. Within the invisible universe, are two places, Heaven, and Hell. To enter Heaven, the bible teaches that one must be completely without sin. The only way we can achieve this is through faith in Jesus Christ, who blots out our sins through his death on the cross. Thus, Heaven is not something we can earn, or deserve, but a gift from God. Hell, on the other hand, is the punishment for sin. The Bible teaches, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23. Because all have sinned, it is impossible to avoid hell without the grace of God. God doesn’t want us to suffer in hell, but because he is a just God, he must allow the wicked to be punished. So, why didn’t God just create heaven, and put us in heaven with him? Why have humanity live in a temporary universe first? God has an intricate plan for humanity, which will be explained in our next question.

My World View 8

What is the Meaning of History?
After the passing of this visible world, history will continue on in a timeless eternity. History is a meaningful journey that god is using to bring mankind to himself. This world we live on is temporary. At the appointed time, our universe will be destroyed in a final judgment. Though temporary, the history of our universe is meaningful because of two main reasons. First, throughout history, God has been able to show his unconditional love and mercy. Second, our short stay on earth allows us the choice to love God back, or reject him. Love will be rewarded in heaven, and rejection punished at the end of the world, and in eternity in hell. In the end, history’s greatest meaning, and mankind’s greatest calling, is to love, and glorify our creator.

My World View 9

My Greatest Calling
My world view has not only changed the way I look at life, but the way I live my life. Life on this earth is short, and eternity is very long. Because I know this, I can live my life in a way that will count for all eternity. This is my greatest calling; to glorify my creator, and to lead others to glorify him as well.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Freaks of Evolution Part 3

The Giraffe
Giraffes are just one of the many creatures that are an obvious threat to the Theory of Evolution. Through this article, I will challenge the Evolutionary theory by exposing one of the threats that the followers of this theory like to avoid discussing.

A very large and strong heart is needed to pump the necessary blood up the neck of an 18-foot bull giraffe, against gravity. Therefore, the giraffe has been designed with a heart that can be as long as two and a half feet! However, this creates a problem. The giraffe has to bend down to drink water. When he does this, the enormous amount of blood pressure generated by the heart, now pumping with gravity, would rush into the brain causing it to explode!

The Creator is smart enough to not let this happen. When the bull bends over, there are valves in the arteries within the neck, which immediately start to close! This reduces the pressure going to the brain, but this is still not enough to prevent explosion of the cranial blood vessels. So, the giraffe is equipped with another set of blood vessels! These are called, the rete mirabile, which essentially acts as a sponge to hold the extra blood!

There is still another problem. Suppose a lion approaches, and instinctively the giraffe lifts its head up and begins to run! However, due to a lack of blood-flow to the brain, he passes out! This doesn't happen though, the valves in the neck open, and the rete mirbile slowly lets the blood into the brain, allowing the giraffe to run away with out passing out, or becoming giraffe steak!

This incredibly designed system is so complex that scientists still do not fully understand it! This is just one example of the "irreducible complexity" of creation! Without any one of these complex systems, the giraffe would not be able to survive! This means that if Evolution really was true, then all of these parts would of had to evolve at exactly the same time! Or.... you could believe that an intelligent, all knowing, Creator-God, designed the giraffe and all of its complex systems!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Odds of a Protein

The Building Block
Proteins are some of most important molecules on the globe. No living thing can function without them. They are the basic building block for every cell structure, and they are a essential component of the chemical reactions that make life possible. Proteins are made of a long string of amino acids. If one of these amino acids was out of place or missing, the protein would be completely useless. Evolution depends on the formation of life from non-living matter. Evolution scientists estimate it would have taken at least 250 proteins to perform even the most basic life functions. To get an idea of how impossible this is, we will study the odds of one protein.

To make it as easy on the hypothesis of evolution, we will assume that the solution that will randomly form our protein only has the 17 different types of amino acids we need to form the very simplest protein in the world,the protein Ribonuclease. The protein of Ribonuclease has 124 amino acids. The chances of "random selection" choosing the correct amino acid to begin the protein with are 1 in 17. Not at all unlikely. However, getting the first and second amino acid correct is much less likely. To figure out the likelihood of this, we multiply 1 in 17 times 1 in 17 or, 1 in 289. The chances of getting three in a row are 1 in 17 X 1 in 17 X 1 in 17, or 1 in 4,913. The chances of all of 124 of the amino acids in the entire protein falling into the correct order by random chance is 1 in 10 with 152 zeros trailing after it. That’s a BIG number. Now, let’s say random chance could “create” a different string of amino acids every minute, (an incredible feat in a laboratory). It would take you roughly (2x10 with 145 zeros) years to produce every possible combination. That is, of course, if you never created the same combination twice.

Further Implications
Now realize that this is ONLY ONE of the 250 proteins even evolutionists admit must have been present from the beginning of the first life form’s existence! Not to mention the 200,000 some different types of proteins found in the human body alone. It’s also THE SIMPLEST PROTEIN, made in THE BEST POSSIBLE SOLUTION for the protein to be formed in. we also assume that it would take only A FRACTION of the time it would usually take to form a new string of amino acids. 2X10 with 145 zeros is a tiny fraction of the time it would take life to spontaneously form. And our planet couldn’t even have provided a stable environment for thirty million years!

Just Lucky?
Remember the odds of the random formation of Ribonuclease? They are 1 in 10 with 152 zeroes. We all know those odds are extremely improbable. But It turns out when mathematicians finds odds of 1 in 10 with 50 zeroes or more, they won’t even think twice. They consider those odds absolutely impossible and not worth consideration. We weren’t just lucky. We were created.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Total Predestination

Predestination in the Bible
You may or may not be familiar with the term, “predestination”. So, before I get started I’ll explain. Romans 8:29-30 says, “For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his son, that he might be the firstborn of many brothers. And those he predestined, he also called; and those he called, he also justified; and those he justified, he also glorified.” Two main views have developed to explain this passage and define predestination.

The select Few
Total predestination is the view that God has chosen only a select group of people to receive salvation. This view interprets Romans 8:29-30 very literally, (which is a good thing). Look at Romans again, the whole passage is a string of events, God “foreknew”, then “predestined” then “called”, “justified”, and finally “glorified”. What got me is the “called” part. Predestination comes before being called, so it seems like God doesn’t call everyone to himself. But wait a second, to be justified; (forgiven of your sins) you must be called. And we all know that salvation, (glorification) is impossible without forgiveness. So in the end, it seems like God doesn’t give many people a chance to accept his forgiveness, and receive salvation. Although this view is as strait forward as they come, I believe it is a total misunderstanding, and a huge contradiction to the rest of the bible. The Bible says over and over again that our God is a God of love. First Timothy 2:3-4 says, “This is good, and pleases God our savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth”. How could a God of love, who wants everyone to be saved, create this world knowing that by doing so, he was condemning thousands to hell? And why would he limit his kingdom to a select few when such a high price was paid for our ransom?
What’s a better explanation?
The view I believe to be true is called predestination. It is the view that God extends salvation to everyone. However, out of his divine wisdom, God foreknows who will end up in heaven. Think about it, God knows your decisions before you make them, that doesn’t mean he forces you to make certain decisions, you make them, he foreknows them. So, at the end of your life, God knows if you will have decided to accept his gift of salvation, or reject it. This is what meant by “Foreknew” is. Being predestined, then, means that before you were born, god knew Whether or not you would be saved. In other words, god “pre-knew” your destination! The next step is being called. God wants everyone to be saved, and therefore, extends his invitation to everyone. However, to those predestined for heaven, he extends a special, personal calling. And the greatest calling in each of our lives is to tell others about God. In this way, God is able to extend his invitation to people all over the globe.

An Excuse to be Apathetic
Needless to say, your view of Predestination has severe implications on your life. it determines your view on the nature of God, and determines how you live your faith out every day. But most importantly, your view of predestination will determine how you regard witnessing. Every three seconds a death occurs on earth, how many of those souls do you think end up in heaven? One out of ten? One out of fifty? Less? I don’t know, but the scary thing is, if you believe in total predestination, there’s nothing you can do about it. And even worse, God doesn’t care. This gives many Christians an excuse to be apathetic, and to “feel good” even as they watch thousands of souls cast into an eternity of suffering. The truth is, we can do something in all those lives! In fact, god’s primary way to invite people to his kingdom is through us. And picture this, when you help someone to find Christ, God already knew you would! So, that person is already predestined for heaven. Again, I can’t stress this enough, that person was not going to heaven until God reached out his invitation through you. God knows your deeds before you make them, but it’s your decision to make them. Let’s not be apathetic Christians. We have some serious work to do!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Freaks of Evolution Part 2

The platypus
The platypus is probably the most famous and popular evolution-defying creature on the planet. In fact, when explorers first brought stories and skins of these amazing animals, the scientists of the day refused to believe they were real! They thought the explorers must have sown together a few different animals as a joke. Obviously, this is a case of convergent evolution. convergent evolution is when a similar characteristic supposedly evolves in two separate animals. The platypus has a bill and webbed feet like a duck, a tail like a beaver, and lays eggs like a reptile.
To have all these features combined into one animal defies all attempts to explain its evolution. Other special features include an electro-sensors built into its bill, super fine fur (900 hairs per mm), and flaps of skin that protect its eyes and ears when diving. Clearly, the platypus is the result of a creative designer, not random chance. It continues to frustrate those poor souls in charge of putting it on an evolutionary family tree!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Freaks of Evolution Part 1

Who you calling a freak?
Ok, first let me get one thing strait, freaks of evolution aren’t demented biology professors. Freaks of evolution, as I will call them, are strange, and highly unlikely things that evolution is supposed to have done. Kind of like a freak of nature, savey? Of course, the whole idea of pond scum, lightning bolts, and destructive mutations randomly creating any form of life is impossible. But believe it or not, the situation gets worse than that. When it gets worse, it becomes a freak of evolution.

Convergent Evolution
Our first freak began way back when scientists found the need to establish an evolutionary family tree. To do this, they tried to fit every known species back to back in a chart showing their gradual evolution. Of course, the absence of smooth transitions between different types of animals, was what first inspired the phrase, “missing link”, by Darwin’s own admission, missing links are an incredible setback to the entire hypothesis of evolution. Another huge setback, Convergent evolution, has also plagued evolutionary scientists. Convergent evolution is when a similar trait evolves multiple times, in totally separate types of animals. It’s like a tornado causing the random assembly of two 747 jumbo jets instead of one! Whereas evolution is impossible, convergent evolution is double, triple, or even quadruple impossible.

By far my favorite case of convergent evolution is flight. Think about it, there are actually FOUR separate phylums of animals that have the ability to fly. Birds, Insects, Bats (mammals), and extinct flying reptiles. To an evolutionist, this means that the engineering miracle of flight, (taking humans hundreds of years to develop), randomly happened upon four different creatures, and all of them survived thousands of years of transitional life, before finally gaining all the necessary equipment, and taking to the skies.

How hard is Flight?
As I said above, the ancestors of flying creatures would have had to survive thousands of years while developing flight. For birds, Mammals, and reptiles, I imagine this was especially hard. What happens, for instance, when an eagle loses its ability to fly? It becomes easy prey for hungry predators. Natural selection is a real thing, but in this, and many other cases, it would hinder evolution, not drive it forward. Also, think how hard it was for human engineers to develop flight. As my science book would say “The processes involved are far beyond the scope of this coarse”, there is no way I could explain every design that humans have copied from flying animals. However, here are a few examples.

First, as any fifth grader knows, the shape bird’s wing’s created an aria of high and low pressure, which is what enables them to fly. The Write brother’s success, (as the success of every plane since) was all due to copying this design.

Also, as flight developed, planes got faster and faster, and began experiencing turbulence. Planes would literally shake to pieces during take-offs and landings. Once again, flight engineers turned to the bird. They discovered a little feather that was extended in front of the wing each time the bird took off or landed. Not knowing what this feather did, they closely copied the design and turbulence problems were solved. Years later, with the aid of a super computer, scientists found that the physics behind this simple feather were, once again, “Beyond the scope of this coarse”.

Our final example once again comes from the bird. As airplanes advanced, the material needed to build a plane became stronger and stronger. But, as the material got stronger, the plane got heavier. There was a need for a light material that was still extremely strong. Hollow tubes were used, but they were often not strong enough. So, engineers imitated bird bones, creating tubes with many air pockets, each separated by thin sheets of metal. This structure proved many times stronger, and only slightly heavier.

Common Creator
There are many other examples of convergent evolution that I hope to write about. Each case drives home the fact that evolution is not the explanation for this universe. Convergent evolution is more than just a “freak thing”, or a lucky accident. Convergent evolution screams a testimony to our common creator, not common ancestor.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

How Global Was the Flood?

The Bibles Account
Genesis 7: 20-22 says, “The waters rose and covered the mountains to a depth of more than twenty feet. Everything that lived on the earth perished-birds, livestock, wild animals, all the creatures that swarm over the earth, and all mankind. Everything that had the breath of life in its nostrils died.” This account makes it abundantly clear that Noah’s flood was no local cloudburst. The mountains were covered in twenty feet of water. This means that there was no dry ground across the entire face of the earth. Also, every land dwelling animal and all the birds were killed. How could a local flood kill animals 4000 miles away? Many Christians now believe that the flood was only local to Noah’s neighborhood. But, I must be harsh and say, can you be a Christian and not believe your bible? The bible is the foundation of our faith. We can’t choose to ignore parts of it because of its inconvenience. But if you don’t believe the bible is true, here are two reasons you too should believe in a worldwide flood.

Flood stories
In his book, “Dinosaurs by Design”, Ph.D. Duane Gish states that there are “more than 270 flood stories and historic records found in many parts of the world”. Gish gives examples of flood stories from cultures as diverse as the ancient Babylonians, Toltec people, Chinese, and Hawaiians. Some of these stories are detailed enough to tell of Noah, his three sons, and the animals that were all saved from death in a boat. The since Noah and his Family were the sole survivors of the flood, every culture on earth would have inherited their own rendition of the flood story. Thousands of years of campfire stories would have distorted the exact details in most cases. In the end, these flood accounts are great proof for a worldwide flood. After all, what are the odds of 270 story tellers from all over the earth, create such similar accounts from out of nowhere.

The impact
Evidence for the worldwide flood also comes from examining the geological features of the earth. A flood of the proportions described in Genesis would have impacted the earth in a very noticeable way. Here are 2 different ways geology supports the global flood.

1: Plate Tectonics.
Scientists have found evidence that the continents are slowly drifting away from each other on giant sections of the earth’s crust. In fact, the continents used to form one single continent. Evolutionary scientists assume that the continents have been drifting at essentially the same speed since they began millions of years ago. But, since the earth could not possibly be that old, (See “The Young Earth” parts 1-6), another explanation is needed. A catastrophe like the flood could have easily created imbalance in the earth’s crust, breaking up the continents, pushing them around, and setting it in the motion we see today. This would have taken a very short time, as opposed to millions of years.

2: Fossil Graveyards.
Scientists have found numerous piles of jumbled up fossilized bones all over the world. These “graveyards” many times contain animals that are never found together today. Graveyards contain the remains of so many, and such diverse animals, that they pose a real threat to those who do not believe in a worldwide flood. You see, if fossils were formed over millions of years, as one layer of rock slowly formed on top of another, how do you explain fossil graveyards? You must assume that thousands of diverse animals from all over the world, came together, died, and were fossilized for no apparent reason. But if you believe in a worldwide flood, everything starts to make sense. Imagine powerful, muddy currents swirling around under water, picking up thousands of creatures not lucky enough to be on the ark. Eventually the currents would set them all down in very close proximity, and soon, they would be covered with mud. Go out to any river and you will see that the currents, in many places, create formations, and even piles of dead plant matter much like we would expect, (Although in a slightly smaller scale), from a worldwide flood.

Why a Local Flood?
So why do some Christians reject the idea of a worldwide flood? I think it's because we try to hard to fit in to our modern culture. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t have to dress in overalls and polka dots just to look weird so we don’t fit in. But sometimes, we need to put our foot down. Christians have slowly accepted the ideas like the local flood, the gap theory, and even macro-evolution, just so we don’t have to seem to “Judgmental” in this post-modern culture. Christians should love people, but hate lies. Why is the Issue of the flood so important? It’s a matter of biblical authority, if we Christians claim one part of the bible is wrong, how do we expect others to take the rest of it seriously?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What Killed the Dinosaurs?

The Ice Age
As I said in an earlier post, I believe dinosaurs might still be alive today. And I firmly believe that humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time. But of course, if dinosaurs lived today in the numbers they used to, there would be no doubt that they were still alive. Something must have killed off the bulk of their population. Ever popular among evolutionists, is the idea that comets struck the earth and caused an ice age that killed the dinosaurs. It makes sense because if the earth is millions of years old, chances are we would have collided with a giant chunk of rock at some point. Although I know there was an ice age, (caused by the flood, not comets), there are a few other extinction theories that I think might have all contributed.

The Water Canopy
My favorite theory up to date is that most dinosaurs couldn’t survive in their new environment after the flood destroyed what was left of the perfect earth. Genesis 1:7-8 says, “So God made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above it. And it was so. He called the expanse “sky” and there was evening and there was morning the second day.” Later, in Noah’s flood this canopy of water above the sky fell, and probably caused a majority of the flooding. It’s kind of strange to think of an actual canopy of liquid water floating around around the earth. But this canopy could have been ice crystals, or water vapor like that of Saturn’s moon Titan, and Venus. Scientists have found that the canopy of water suspended in our upper atmosphere would make life on earth really interesting!

The Perfect Earth
Before the flood moss grew two or three feet high, dragonflies would have had wingspans of almost three feet, and reeds that grow six feet tall today would have grown up to fifty feet tall! Why all this growth? Well, with all that water up in the air, atmospheric pressure would greatly increase, harmful rays from outer space would be all but eliminated, and the earth would be a warm, tropical paradise. In fact, the full results could be. Longer life spans, minimal disease, rapid healing, greater stamina and endurance, and some plants and animals like fish and reptiles could keep growing as long as they live.

Lung Trouble
By examining fossils, scientists have found that dinosaurs had relatively small lungs and nostrils for their size. In fact, they might not have been able to breathe in our modern atmosphere. But before the flood, the extra atmospheric pressure would have made even the smallest lungs very efficient. Also, since dinosaurs used to grow as long as they live, maybe they weren’t able to in the new earth. Without the benefits of being huge like they used to, they might not have been able to compete with other animals fighting for survival.

Some people have suggested that dinosaurs were killed out by humans. This might explain all the stories about dragons and dragon slayers. After all, if you had a big, smelly, toothy reptilian monster in your backyard you would want it dead as quickly as possible too. So, why believe some dinosaurs are alive when most are extinct? Well, maybe some dinosaurs (especially the smaller ones), were better equipped to survive in the new world. Perhaps the dinosaurs in less populated areas thrived until humans arrived. I don’t think we will ever know for certain, but educated guesses never hurt. When combined, I think an ice age, suffocation, and hunting was probably the demise of most dinosaurs.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Life From Another Planet?

Strange Lights
About a month ago I watched a TV show about two UFO sightings over a city in Arizona. Two sequences of strange lights hovered in a V formation over the city, and then vanished. A few years ago I might have been excited to hear about a UFO story like this. But I have recently found a few reasons to doubt that stories like this mean anything. For instance, if there really are aliens cruising around our planet, why haven’t they ever tried to communicate with us? And if they want their work to be a secret how could they be dumb enough to fly strait over a populated area like a city? But even more important are the spiritual implications of life on another planet.

If God created two or three planets, how exactly did it work when our planet fell into sin? Did the inhabitance of the other planets become sinful because of our sin? This doesn’t seem fair at all. Or were the other planets un-effected by our sin? But didn’t the whole universe fall into sin when the first humans sinned? Regardless, if there are aliens, we know they must have fallen into sin at some point. But now we must ask another question.

How did God plan on forgiving more than one planet? Did Jesus visit multiple planets and die for the sins of each one? Isn’t one death enough to forgive the entire universe? Or did Jesus just visit our planet and expect the others to somehow figure out that they were saved?

What do you think?
To be honest, I don’t know the answers to these questions. It seems like no matter which way you look at it Christianity gets really confusing when you believe in extra-terrestrials. I don’t think it’s a big deal whether you believe there are aliens or not but I just thought these questions might be helpful in forming your opinion. By the way, it ended up those strange lights were military flares dropped during a training exercise from a air force base near the city.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Post Modernism vs. Christianity

Sorry, You Can’t Be Both!
Did you know that only nine percent of born again Christian teens think there are moral absolutes? This view is called post modernism, and unlike it’s predecessor; Evolution, (or “modernism”) this is not a battle fought with science. The danger of post modernism is that people are allowed to determine for themselves what is right and what is wrong. That way, everybody's free to do anything they want and no-one is able to judge them for it. This idea also means that there are “many paths to heaven”. So, the Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and Atheists are all correct in their beliefs, and are all going to heaven. According to the Bible, that’s not the way it works.

One Way; Jesus
The Bible teaches that no one comes to the father, (goes to heaven) except through Jesus Christ. But if truth is relative, (that is, no one can be wrong in their beliefs) how do you explain Christians? We believe that there is a moral absolute; god. And Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. This totally contradicts post modernism. But, are we right? Well, according to post modernism, we can’t be wrong, so we must be right! But if you say we are wrong you must assume there is some sort of moral absolute out there.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

where Are the Dinosaurs?

Extinct or Alive?
Most people these days would be quick to tell you that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and are now extinct. This idea has been popularized by scientists who believe unquestioningly in the hypothesis of macro evolution. And no wonder, if a live dinosaur was found today, the hypothesis of evolution would have yet another serious problem.

The Geological Colum
Geologists have looked at rock strata from all over the world and came up with a chart called the “Geological Colum”. You’re probably familiar with the concept. Different types of fossils are found at different levels in the rock strata. And they are shown on the chart next to the layer of rock they are found in. since many scientists believe stubbornly that the rock layers were formed over millions of years, and since all dinosaur fossils are found deep down in the lower strata, the geological column claims that dinosaurs lived from about 245,000,000 years ago to 144,000,000 years ago. So here’s the problem. If dinosaur fossils stopped showing up 144,000,000 years ago, and dinosaurs are alive today, where did they disappear to for the years in between? In other words, how did dinosaurs manage to not drop a single fossil for 144,000,000 years?

The Razorback
So, the big question is; are there any dinosaurs alive today? I recently met a really cool old man at a family reunion. He told me and my dad about an encounter he had with a large reptile in the 1930’s. as a young man, he was spending the night at a cottage on the west shore of lake Huron in Michigan. He heard a chirping, croaking type noise that he said was sort of like a cricket. He walked outside to investigate. The sound was coming from inside an old broken down ford truck. When he popped open the hood a large reptile crawled out. From what he described I estimate it was between 2½ to 4ft long. It had a razor back, (a large, fleshy sail on the top of its back) and teeth sticking out from its lower jaw, it probably had teeth on its upper jaw, but none were visible. It also had three clawed toes on each foot. He wanted to kill it, but could not penetrate its tough body. It also had two hard, vent-like plates on top of its head that it sucked air through and puffed it’s self up to look big. When it did this, its sail became ridged and stiff. He eventually found a soft spot below its head on its neck. He stabbed it and it immediately deflated “like a balloon”. Fearing people would think he was crazy; he buried it and has kept it quiet all these years. He said he knows where he buried it and has consulted a couple of educated people about what type of dinosaur it was.

Other Stories
Now I know what you’re thinking; oh sure Elijah, he’s just a crazy old man and you should know better than to believe something as illogical as that. It’s interesting how popular significantly less believable UFO stories are among the scientific community. Why do stories like this seem so unbelievable? Because we have been brought up thinking that we know that dinosaurs are extinct. But this isn’t the only story about an encounter with dinosaurs. There have been several reports of plesiosaur-like animals in a swamp in Africa. Stories of giant flying reptiles. And numerous reports of sea monsters that fit the description of swimming dinosaurs. But even if they're extinct, cave drawings and fossilized foot prints indicate that dinosaurs walked right alongside man. Either man lived longer ago than traditionally thought, or dinosaurs didn’t live all that long ago.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Million Year Creation

The Compromise
This idea has become very popular during recent times. People have started questioning how long it really took God to create the universe. So, instead of the original six days, they’ve come up with the view that each day of creation was really a very long period of time. I call it the million year creation. It’s kind of a compromise between creation and evolution. After all, we must somehow explain the overwhelming evidence we see out there that supports evolution and millions of years, right? Wrong! Hopefully after reading my blog you will begin to understand how ridiculous the entire hypothesis of evolution is. So why is it so appealing to jam an error ridden, unproven, hypothesis like evolution, into the inerrant word of God? (To see how the Bible does on a real scientific test, go to “Labels” and click on “The Bible”). When you are better informed, it’s not.

What’s a Yom?
If you’re still not convinced, we are going to take a look at what the bible means when it says “day”. Some would argue that Hebrew, (the original language of the Old Testament) is not clear in regards to certain periods of time. Thus, what we translate to be a day could really be an hour, a week, or a million years. But the Bible makes it quite clear. The Hebrew word used in the original New Testament is the word “Yom” and it rarely means anything but a literal, 24 hour day. To clear up matters, the bible says “And there was evening, and there was morning- the 1st (2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th ) Day”. Whenever the word Yom is used with the word evening or morning, it ALWAYS means a literal, 24 hour day. So we really can’t afford to compromise. Either you must believe the bible is wrong, or that evolution is wrong.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Historical Bible

“The historical bible and Jesus Christ are the two cornerstones of the Christian worldview. If the bible is not history or if Jesus Christ is not “God with us” Christianity crumbles. To shatter Christian doctrine and the Christian world view, one need only shatter it’s historical underpinnings…” David A. Nobel (Understanding the Times).

A Test of Integrity
I read this great quote in a book called “Surprised by Faith” by Dr. don Bierle. In his book, Dr. Bierle lays out evidence that the bible is not only able to be trusted, but is actually the most accurate historical document of its time. How do you judge the accuracy of a document? Scientists ask three questions. First, does the document contradict it’s self? Second, does it contradict other historical documents that are known to be accurate? Third, is the document consistent with archaeological finds? In my new series “The historical Bible” we will look at each of these points in order to conduct a modern test of the Bible’s reliability. I think you’ll be surprised what we find.

The Historical Bible

Does it Contradict It’s self?
If you haven’t been told the Bible contradicts it’s self, you will. In his book, “Self-Contradictions of the Bible” Henry Burr claimed that the Bible contradicts it’s self at least 144 times. Obviously the Bible couldn’t be reliable if it’s authors were that confused! However, Henry Burr seems to be more pre occupied with his impressive number than the facts behind these supposed contradictions. Let’s look at two of the “contradictions” Henry Burr found.

Two Josephs?
In the New Testament there are two genealogies of Christ. One in Matthew chapter 1, and another in Luke chapter 3. At first glance, the two genealogies seem to contradict each other. They don’t even agree on Joseph’s father! Actually, they are two totally different genealogies. Matthew traced Joseph’s genealogy. And Luke traced Mary’s. on Mary’s genealogy Luke simply replaced the name “Mary” with her husband’s name “Joseph”. It was a culture thing. The two genealogies that seem to contradict each other end up complimenting each other, giving us both Joseph, AND Mary’s family line.

Heard, not Understood
Another supposed contradiction is found in Acts 9:7 and Acts 22:9. Saul is confronted by God while traveling to Damascus with his men to persecute Christians. Although the bible is clear enough on Saul’s experience, there seems to be some confusion over what happened to Saul’s men. Acts 9:7 says “The men who journeyed with him stood speechless, hearing a voice, but seeing no man.” However, Acts 22:9 says “And they that were with me saw indeed the light, and were afraid; but they heard not the voice of him that spake to me.” Once again, it appears we have a contradiction on our hands. Did Saul’s men hear a voice or not? The answer is found in the original language of the bible. For both passages the Greek word Akouo is used and translated as the English verb “to hear”. But in Acts 22:9 the word is constructed differently. Translated more correctly, Acts 22:9 should say something like “but they understood not the voice of him that spake to me.”

If you actually give the Bible half a chance, and study up on the original language and culture of the Bible you will find that supposed contradictions like these are the very simple and strait forward. despite what you might hear from Bible critics, the Bible passes this test easily. but since some people can make something out of nothing, that's not what the public is hearing.

The Historical Bible

Does it contradict other historical documents?
This next test is one of two external tests. It is the hardest test is the hardest to conduct on the Bible. The book “Explaining Creation with General Science” by Dr. Jay L. Wile gives us four reasons.

1 The Bible covers a long period of time.
2 Many parts of the Old Testament report on events that happened so long ago that they cannot be compared to any other works of history.
3 The focus of the bible is very narrow, so many contemporary historians don’t comment on Bible related events.
4 The Bible’s accounts were very controversial at the time it was written. So the opinions of both Christian historians and anti-Christian historians influenced their writings way too much.

With reasons like these it’s no wonder most historians consider archeological data the main external test for the Bible.

Remember our original question? “Does it contradict other historical documents that are known to be accurate?”. So what’s the answer? It doesn’t, the only works it contradicts cannot be considered accurate since the writings were often swayed by the opinions of the authors. So no news is good news. The Bible passes this test with flying colors.

The Historical Bible

Is it confirmed by Archeology?
This is the last, (and in my opinion) the most import test. And, as you will find, the Bible scores high on this test as well. In his book “Surprised By Faith” (p 38) Dr. Don Bierly says, “Perhaps it is safe to say that because of modern archeology, more is known today about first century New Testament background than anyone has known about it since the third century. With so much Data available today, it is no longer difficult to test the New Testament’s claim to history”. Here are a few of the finds that Dr. Bierly listed in his book as positive proof for the Bible’s integrity.

Pontius Pilate
The New Testament Pontius Pilate is the governor of Judea during the time of Christ’s crucifixion. Two historians, as well as a two by three foot cornerstone found at the ancient site of Caesarea Maritima. The stone had an inscription that read “Pontius Pilate, prefect of Judea, has dedicated to the people of Caesarea a temple in honor of Tiberius.

James, Brother of Jesus
Time magazine called it “most important discovery in the history of New Testament archeology”. It was an ossuary, (bone box) found in Jerusalem in 2002. The inscription on it reads, “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus”. This is really exciting because the New Testament identifies a man named James as the brother of Jesus (the son of Jesus’ earthly father). James was martyred in A.D. 62. Expert examinations of the writing style of the inscription, and tests on the limestone of the box confirm that it is from that time period.

Crucifixion with Nails
Critics have long questioned the accuracy of the bible relating to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The gospels claim that Jesus was nailed to a wooden cross (as opposed to tying him on with ropes). And that he was crucified in Palestine (there were doubts that this mode of execution was used in Palestine). Critics say that the writers of the gospels must have embellished their stories with “unhistorical details”. A recent publication says differently. It appears the bones of the only crucifixion victim ever found were unearthed near Jerusalem. The 24 to 28 year-old man still has a five inch long nail imbedded in his foot bones! Also, the calf bones of the victim were “Brutally fractured… clearly produced by a single hard blow.” This corresponds perfectly with the gospel of John. “The soldiers therefore came and broke the legs of the first man who had been crucified with Jesus, and then those of the other. But when they came to Jesus and found that he was already dead, they did not break his legs.”

Dr Bierly goes on to list several more such archeological finds. Such overwhelming evidence is not hard to interpret. Once again, the bible gets an A plus on this test.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Missing Links Part 4

Southern Ape
Australopithecus is one of the most well known and longstanding links on the familiar “ape to man” evolutionary chart. Quite a few skulls have been found and given the name Australopithecus, (which means “Southern ape”). As the name implies, these skulls are distinctly ape. One would wonder why they are included as a link between ape and man. The answer is simple, one of the Australopithecus skulls found by Dr. Louis Leakey in 1959 was found buried in close proximity to a few tiny chunks of rock. Evolutionists call them tools. If you were to look at the pictures of the “find” you would notice that the supposed tools are chips of rock about the size of an acorn. But most people don’t look far enough into the evidence behind this “link” to Question its viability.

Modern Tool Users
Even if these pitiful chips of rocks were used as tools it would not prove anything. I can think of two examples of modern animals that use tools off the top of my head. First, the little bird who drops rocks on nuts to crack them open. And also the chimps that use long strait twigs to remove and eat termites in much the same way as an ant-eater. We don’t consider these modern animals any more human than the next.

Professional Doubts
Australopithecus is obviously an extinct ape, not at all a relative of modern man. In fact, Louise’s son, Richard Leakey has removed Australopithecus from the evolutionary lineage of man in his book called “Origins”. If Louise’s own son, who is every bit as much a confirmed evolutionist as his father, doubts his father’s find, there must be something wrong with it.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Missing Links Part 3

December 1976 National Geographic featured what they thought was a major discovery unearthed in Ethiopia. “Lucy” was a collection of bone fragments found by Donald Johanson, a young American graduate of the University of California. This discovery became very popular among the scientific community as a key “ape like” ancestor of modern man. In fact, so “apelike” that it is actually a chimpanzee. What was all the excitement about? Well, this chimp was believed to walk upright. This beliefe was based on the interpretation of a certain critical knee joint.

The Problem
After a university lecture is Kansas, Tom Willis, a well informed creationist asked Johanson publicly where he found the critical knee fragment. The answer, a mile and a half away from the other bone fragments in strata 200 feet deeper. Next Tom Willis asked why Johanson would include a fossil fragment so widely separated from the main find? Johanson thinks “anatomical similarity” is all the justification needed.

How embarrassing!
No wonder this information hasn’t been made public. And to think this is one of the most well known links out there. If only the public knew all the hidden facts evolutionists won’t let them hear. This is one of hundreds and it already proves you can’t trust scientists like Donald Johanson.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Time and Eternity

Its unimaginable, in comprehensible, and for many people, mythical. The idea that something can have no beginning or will have no end sounds impossible. Christians are sometimes ridiculed by people saying, “prove your eternal God”. But is there an alternative? Time, matter, space, can’t create themselves. We must assume that either they have always been here, or some supernatural force has always been here. If you believe in the natural explanation for eternity, you must believe that eternity is simply an immeasurable amount of time which has marched on unstopped since um… infinity ago. But if you believe in the supernatural, eternity doesn’t have to be made of time, I believe, weird as it sounds, that eternity is a different realm. Its always happening, and since it requires no time, it requires no beginning or end. Here’s why I believe this.

Logic Affirmed
First off, there are some problems with the naturalistic view of eternity. One is called Entropy. It’s a scientific law. You see, as time marches on certain things happen, new things get old and break down, living things age and were out, and orderly things become disordered. Given an infinite amount of time, entropy could obviously do an infinite amount of damage to anything. This alone destroys naturalistic eternity. But this next problem puts the nails in the coffin. If eternity is made out of time, then picture yourself on a timeline.
< -----------------O----------------- >.
The present time is represented by an O. now pretend you are going to travel back in time to the beginning of infinity. When would you get there? Never. In the same way, if you started out an eternity ago, when would you arrive at the present time? Never. Do you see the problem? I know it’s a little deep, but think about it.

Scripture Affirmed
My second reason is that scripture tells us, “With the lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day”, 2nd Peter 3:8. This doesn’t make sense by time’s standards. So in the end, eternity poses a real problem to people who don’t believe in the supernatural. It’s important to remember that my view of eternity is unproven. It isn’t a scientific law, or even a theory. I don’t have all the answers about eternity. Some things only God can explain. But just the same, if you are ever asked to prove your eternal god, just ask them to prove how time could be eternal.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Ozone Layer

No such thing
Did you know that there is no such thing as a Ozone layer? More specifically, there is no layer of solid Ozone anywhere in our atmosphere. However, the greatest concentration of Ozone is found from 6 miles to 25 miles up in the stratosphere. Even in its greatest concentration, there are only 10 ppm Ozone, (ppm means parts per million). So how can such a tiny amount of Ozone protect a planet from ultraviolet radiation? Well it can’t, and it doesn’t. you see, we have another molecule to thank for that. It’s called Oxygen, (O2), and unlike Ozone (O3) there’s plenty of it.

How it works
O2 is a molecule of oxygen formed by the joining of two Oxygen atoms. Ozone (which I will refer to as O3 when talking about molecular science) is formed by the joining of three oxygen atoms. Both of these molecules stop ultraviolet radiation the same way. When ultraviolet radiation strikes a molecule, the energy is absorbed into the molecule. But the molecule can’t handle this huge amount of energy. So, the oxygen atoms are forced to separate. In the case of O2, these separated oxygen atoms are highly reactive and quickly join up with each other, often forming a new ozone molecule.

Ozone does stop a small percentage of the ultraviolet radiation entering our atmosphere, but many have claimed that it is solely responsible for keeping us alive. The consequences of this deception have been great. It is believed that chloride contained in CFC’s is causing a hole in the “Ozone layer”. The banning of all CFC’s has cost billions of dollars. And get this, there are other ways that nature destroys ozone with chlorine. For instance, volcanic mount Erebus in Antarctica has released 1,000 tons of chloride every day for 20 years. so why are people worried about the puny amount of chloride industries used to produce? I really don’t know.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Global Warming

Maybe its not Such a Problem...
With so much talk about global warming today, I think most people would be surprised to find that it is not actually that much of an issue. In fact, after reading about it in my science book, I don’t think that we need to worry about it. Global warming is an idea based on sound scientific reasoning. But the situation is a little more complex than most people relies.

How it Works
Certain gasses that we call, “Greenhouse Gasses” absorb energy from the sun as it enters our planet. This energy is converted into heat. Without these gasses much of this energy would reflect back into space. Without greenhouse gasses earth would be too cold for life.
Scientist are afraid that too many man-made greenhouse gasses would trap to much heat and cause the earth to warm up, throwing delicate eco-systems off balance. Carbon dioxide is the number one man made greenhouse gas. And since 1900 the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has steadily risen from around 292 ppm, to around 350 ppm. This seems alarming, until you figure out that “ppm” means Parts Per Million. So, even though the amount of CO2 has risen, it is still a very small amount.

How it Doesn't Work
Since the amount of CO2 has risen steadily, one would assume the temperature should be rising steadily two. However, the average temperature of the earth dose not correspond to the amount of CO2 at all. If we were to look at a graph, the average temp of the earth has followed a very shaky pattern, warm a few years, cold a few years. So, why dose CO2 not have much of an effect on the earth’s temperature? Well, CO2 isn’t the only man made gas. Many other gasses we produce actually reflect energy back into outer space. This could be what counteracts the effect of CO2, keeping the temperature balanced. This, plus the fact that human activity only accounts for 3% of all the CO2 formation in our atmosphere tells me that all this frantic talk of global warming is really just a deception.

Only 17% of Atmospheric scientists, (the ones who know what they’re talking about) think that global warming is a problem. 53% think it’s not, and 30% think there’s not enough information for us to determine that yet. I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking care of our planet. God has commanded humans to be stewards of his creation. But when we start de-emphasizing things like the millions of starving people around the world so that we can spend money making industries cleaner than they need to be, something is wrong.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Missing Links Part 2

The Piltdown Discovery
In 1912 Arthur Woodward, director of the Natural History Museum of London announced an important discovery. Doctor Charles Dawson had unearthed an ape like Jawbone and a human skull cap from a gravel pit near Piltdown England. Dawson had the Scientific community convinced that now they finally had a solid link between apes and humans. He called his discovery “Dawn Man” but it became known as Piltdown man. Without so much as a thorough chemical analysis done on the skull, this find was taught as an indisputable missing link between man and ape. Around 500 academic dissertations were written on “Piltdown man” and an imaginative bust of a primitive, blank faced ape man appeared in museums all over the world.

The Hoax is Exposed
41 years later, in 1953 proper tests were done by real scientists and they found that the teeth had been filed to fit into the jawbone, and the skull had been stained to make it look old! It was as complete fake! But by now, it was too late. The public had gotten so used to the idea that science had proven the ape man theory that they never went back. Now the only way we Christians can win the battle is to re-train the way people think about intelligent design. For way to long it's been associated with "religion" and treated like a joke. But science is on our side, and we need to get the word out.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Missing Links Part 1

Nebraska Tooth
In 1922 professor Henry Fairfield Osborn, a confirmed evolutionist and head of the Museum of Natural History, found a tooth in his home state of Nebraska. He claimed it was an early ape man. Dental Experts from the museum of Natural History examined it and concluded that it was from a creature more similar to man than an ape. They assumed that it was a missing link and it quickly became known as “Nebraska Man”.

Wait a second, man? I thought it was just a tooth. “Nebraska tooth” would work for me, but no! a full two page spread was drawn in the Illustrated London News, and distributed worldwide. The picture showed a rather stupid looking ape man with a club in hand, and his mate, in the back ground, an assortment of animals roaming around in a rocky terrain, sprinkled with dead trees and long grass. I doubt that the general public really knew what kind of fossil evidence stood behind this missing link.

Six years later in 1928, a mistake was found. It seems that the tooth wasn’t from an early man, it was from an extinct pig! Oops, just goes to show you what can happen when you base your information on assumptions. Pigs are often dissected instead of humans because their anatomy is very similar to that of a human. But Professor Osborn was looking for evidence for evolution, not a pig tooth, so he jumped to conclusions. This is not true science, scientists should not let their personal ideas affect their studies. I think many evolutionary scientists do.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Young Earth part 1

Why is the age of the earth so important? Evolution depends on the earth being millions of years old. Evolutionists say that the only reason why we don’t see evolution around us is because it happens to slowly to observe. If someone were to prove that the earth was young it would destroy macro evolution beyond a shadow of a doubt. Guess what? They have, more that 80% of the ways we measure the age of the earth tell us that the earth is young! I am going to write about a few of the ways we measure the earth in a short series.
P.S. My information comes from a book called Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation. I recomend it to anyone who wants to know more about Creation vs. Evolution.

The Young Earth part 2

The sun is shrinking
Scientists have been watching for over a hundred years. They have found that the sun is shrinking about four hundredths of a percent per century. That is two feet an hour. Now, if you believe that the sun is only 6,000 years old there is no real problem. But, if you believe that the sun is 250,000 years old or older, life would have been impossible. In fact, thirty million years ago the suns surface would have been touching the earth!

Ref: Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation (p. 59)

The Young Earth part 3

Over Population
If man has been on earth for a million years like evolutionists believe, why is population explosion only recently become an issue? How big would the population be now if man has been on earth for a million years? Let’s say that the average family throughout all of mankind’s existence has 2.5 kids. The average today is 3.6 children. The population would increase 1/2 % per year. If this went on for a million years there would have been 25,000 generations, (at forty years each), the present population would be represented by the number 10, with 2,100 zeros after it. Obviously that’s impossible, if you filled the entire universe with tiny electrons you could only pack in the number 10 with 130 zeros after it! Even if a million years of man living on earth could somehow produce only the present population, how many people would have lived and died? 3,000 billion people! But if there were that many people who lived on earth, where are all the bones and artifacts?

Ref: Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation (p. 55)

The Young Earth part 4

Helium Saturation
We use helium to make balloons float in the air, and to make blimps fly. Why? Because it is extremely light. In fact, it is so light that it is all floating into the outer reaches of our atmosphere. If the earth is billions of years old, our atmosphere should be thick with helium. One source of this helium is the decay of uranium, we can measure the helium produced by the decay of uranium, and figure out how much helium is lost into space and come up with a fairly close estimate of the amount of time it would take for the present amount of helium to accumulate in our atmosphere. According to experts, the earth’s age could not be more than 15,000 years by this dating method.

Ref: Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation (p. 57)

The Young Earth part 5

Silt Problems
The Mississippi river transports an enormous amount of silt downstream and dumps it into the ocean. This forms a river delta. This silt is accumulating at a known rate in the Gulf of Mexico. Even evolutionary scientists a century ago knew that the river delta would now extend to Africa if it had been accumulating for millions of years. so, how long would it take for the current amount of silt to accumulate? Close to 5,000 years. This fits perfectly with Christianity because we believe that a global flood occurred around 5,000 years ago that totally changed the face of the earth. It does not fit with evolution.

Ref: Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation (p. 53)

The Young Earth part 6

Niagara Falls
Because the rim of Niagara falls was wearing away at a measurable rate, (before the erosion was stabilized in modern times). Geologists estimate that it has taken about 5,000 years for the falls to erode from their original precipice. Once again, this fits the worldwide flood that we believe happened 5,000 years ago.

Ref: Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation (p. 53)


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