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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Odds of a Protein

The Building Block
Proteins are some of most important molecules on the globe. No living thing can function without them. They are the basic building block for every cell structure, and they are a essential component of the chemical reactions that make life possible. Proteins are made of a long string of amino acids. If one of these amino acids was out of place or missing, the protein would be completely useless. Evolution depends on the formation of life from non-living matter. Evolution scientists estimate it would have taken at least 250 proteins to perform even the most basic life functions. To get an idea of how impossible this is, we will study the odds of one protein.

To make it as easy on the hypothesis of evolution, we will assume that the solution that will randomly form our protein only has the 17 different types of amino acids we need to form the very simplest protein in the world,the protein Ribonuclease. The protein of Ribonuclease has 124 amino acids. The chances of "random selection" choosing the correct amino acid to begin the protein with are 1 in 17. Not at all unlikely. However, getting the first and second amino acid correct is much less likely. To figure out the likelihood of this, we multiply 1 in 17 times 1 in 17 or, 1 in 289. The chances of getting three in a row are 1 in 17 X 1 in 17 X 1 in 17, or 1 in 4,913. The chances of all of 124 of the amino acids in the entire protein falling into the correct order by random chance is 1 in 10 with 152 zeros trailing after it. That’s a BIG number. Now, let’s say random chance could “create” a different string of amino acids every minute, (an incredible feat in a laboratory). It would take you roughly (2x10 with 145 zeros) years to produce every possible combination. That is, of course, if you never created the same combination twice.

Further Implications
Now realize that this is ONLY ONE of the 250 proteins even evolutionists admit must have been present from the beginning of the first life form’s existence! Not to mention the 200,000 some different types of proteins found in the human body alone. It’s also THE SIMPLEST PROTEIN, made in THE BEST POSSIBLE SOLUTION for the protein to be formed in. we also assume that it would take only A FRACTION of the time it would usually take to form a new string of amino acids. 2X10 with 145 zeros is a tiny fraction of the time it would take life to spontaneously form. And our planet couldn’t even have provided a stable environment for thirty million years!

Just Lucky?
Remember the odds of the random formation of Ribonuclease? They are 1 in 10 with 152 zeroes. We all know those odds are extremely improbable. But It turns out when mathematicians finds odds of 1 in 10 with 50 zeroes or more, they won’t even think twice. They consider those odds absolutely impossible and not worth consideration. We weren’t just lucky. We were created.


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