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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Freaks of Evolution Part 3

The Giraffe
Giraffes are just one of the many creatures that are an obvious threat to the Theory of Evolution. Through this article, I will challenge the Evolutionary theory by exposing one of the threats that the followers of this theory like to avoid discussing.

A very large and strong heart is needed to pump the necessary blood up the neck of an 18-foot bull giraffe, against gravity. Therefore, the giraffe has been designed with a heart that can be as long as two and a half feet! However, this creates a problem. The giraffe has to bend down to drink water. When he does this, the enormous amount of blood pressure generated by the heart, now pumping with gravity, would rush into the brain causing it to explode!

The Creator is smart enough to not let this happen. When the bull bends over, there are valves in the arteries within the neck, which immediately start to close! This reduces the pressure going to the brain, but this is still not enough to prevent explosion of the cranial blood vessels. So, the giraffe is equipped with another set of blood vessels! These are called, the rete mirabile, which essentially acts as a sponge to hold the extra blood!

There is still another problem. Suppose a lion approaches, and instinctively the giraffe lifts its head up and begins to run! However, due to a lack of blood-flow to the brain, he passes out! This doesn't happen though, the valves in the neck open, and the rete mirbile slowly lets the blood into the brain, allowing the giraffe to run away with out passing out, or becoming giraffe steak!

This incredibly designed system is so complex that scientists still do not fully understand it! This is just one example of the "irreducible complexity" of creation! Without any one of these complex systems, the giraffe would not be able to survive! This means that if Evolution really was true, then all of these parts would of had to evolve at exactly the same time! Or.... you could believe that an intelligent, all knowing, Creator-God, designed the giraffe and all of its complex systems!


Elijah said...

Wow George! What an awsome post.
I think it's amasing that some scientists would rather assume that a complex blood system like the giraff's evolved, instead of just admiting that there is a God. It's so simple, why do they make things so complicated just for the sake of their own personal beliefs?

I did edit one thing about your post. instead of "Giraff" as a lable, I put Freaks of evolution. I did this because I want several posts on each topic. And I didn't think we would write many more articles about girafs. thank you so much for contributing!


Lydia said...

Now that is interesting! Giraffes have HUGE hearts!!!!!!

George said...

Cool picture! thanks


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