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"'You live in the midst of deception; in thier deceit they refuse to acknowledge me', Declares the Lord."

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Young Earth part 1

Why is the age of the earth so important? Evolution depends on the earth being millions of years old. Evolutionists say that the only reason why we don’t see evolution around us is because it happens to slowly to observe. If someone were to prove that the earth was young it would destroy macro evolution beyond a shadow of a doubt. Guess what? They have, more that 80% of the ways we measure the age of the earth tell us that the earth is young! I am going to write about a few of the ways we measure the earth in a short series.
P.S. My information comes from a book called Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation. I recomend it to anyone who wants to know more about Creation vs. Evolution.

The Young Earth part 2

The sun is shrinking
Scientists have been watching for over a hundred years. They have found that the sun is shrinking about four hundredths of a percent per century. That is two feet an hour. Now, if you believe that the sun is only 6,000 years old there is no real problem. But, if you believe that the sun is 250,000 years old or older, life would have been impossible. In fact, thirty million years ago the suns surface would have been touching the earth!

Ref: Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation (p. 59)

The Young Earth part 3

Over Population
If man has been on earth for a million years like evolutionists believe, why is population explosion only recently become an issue? How big would the population be now if man has been on earth for a million years? Let’s say that the average family throughout all of mankind’s existence has 2.5 kids. The average today is 3.6 children. The population would increase 1/2 % per year. If this went on for a million years there would have been 25,000 generations, (at forty years each), the present population would be represented by the number 10, with 2,100 zeros after it. Obviously that’s impossible, if you filled the entire universe with tiny electrons you could only pack in the number 10 with 130 zeros after it! Even if a million years of man living on earth could somehow produce only the present population, how many people would have lived and died? 3,000 billion people! But if there were that many people who lived on earth, where are all the bones and artifacts?

Ref: Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation (p. 55)

The Young Earth part 4

Helium Saturation
We use helium to make balloons float in the air, and to make blimps fly. Why? Because it is extremely light. In fact, it is so light that it is all floating into the outer reaches of our atmosphere. If the earth is billions of years old, our atmosphere should be thick with helium. One source of this helium is the decay of uranium, we can measure the helium produced by the decay of uranium, and figure out how much helium is lost into space and come up with a fairly close estimate of the amount of time it would take for the present amount of helium to accumulate in our atmosphere. According to experts, the earth’s age could not be more than 15,000 years by this dating method.

Ref: Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation (p. 57)

The Young Earth part 5

Silt Problems
The Mississippi river transports an enormous amount of silt downstream and dumps it into the ocean. This forms a river delta. This silt is accumulating at a known rate in the Gulf of Mexico. Even evolutionary scientists a century ago knew that the river delta would now extend to Africa if it had been accumulating for millions of years. so, how long would it take for the current amount of silt to accumulate? Close to 5,000 years. This fits perfectly with Christianity because we believe that a global flood occurred around 5,000 years ago that totally changed the face of the earth. It does not fit with evolution.

Ref: Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation (p. 53)

The Young Earth part 6

Niagara Falls
Because the rim of Niagara falls was wearing away at a measurable rate, (before the erosion was stabilized in modern times). Geologists estimate that it has taken about 5,000 years for the falls to erode from their original precipice. Once again, this fits the worldwide flood that we believe happened 5,000 years ago.

Ref: Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation (p. 53)


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