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"'You live in the midst of deception; in thier deceit they refuse to acknowledge me', Declares the Lord."

Friday, July 11, 2008

Missing Links Part 4

Southern Ape
Australopithecus is one of the most well known and longstanding links on the familiar “ape to man” evolutionary chart. Quite a few skulls have been found and given the name Australopithecus, (which means “Southern ape”). As the name implies, these skulls are distinctly ape. One would wonder why they are included as a link between ape and man. The answer is simple, one of the Australopithecus skulls found by Dr. Louis Leakey in 1959 was found buried in close proximity to a few tiny chunks of rock. Evolutionists call them tools. If you were to look at the pictures of the “find” you would notice that the supposed tools are chips of rock about the size of an acorn. But most people don’t look far enough into the evidence behind this “link” to Question its viability.

Modern Tool Users
Even if these pitiful chips of rocks were used as tools it would not prove anything. I can think of two examples of modern animals that use tools off the top of my head. First, the little bird who drops rocks on nuts to crack them open. And also the chimps that use long strait twigs to remove and eat termites in much the same way as an ant-eater. We don’t consider these modern animals any more human than the next.

Professional Doubts
Australopithecus is obviously an extinct ape, not at all a relative of modern man. In fact, Louise’s son, Richard Leakey has removed Australopithecus from the evolutionary lineage of man in his book called “Origins”. If Louise’s own son, who is every bit as much a confirmed evolutionist as his father, doubts his father’s find, there must be something wrong with it.



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