Jeremiah 9:6

"'You live in the midst of deception; in thier deceit they refuse to acknowledge me', Declares the Lord."

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Evolutionary Concepts Part 2

I’ve actually heard the phrase “human animal” on T.V. This is perhaps the most appalling effect that macro-evolution has had on our culture. Even though science clearly contradicts macro-evolution, most people stubbornly argue that we did indeed evolve from apes. Why is there such an appeal in this belief? Well, I have two theories, either macro-evolutionist are jealous of the ape’s looks, or they want the freedom from morality that animals have. Our culture is so full of murder, theft, and sexual immorality that we have actually ceased to be ashamed of our disgusting sin, and we now look for a way to excuse it as “ok” or “normal”. And evolution has offered a perfect excuse.

The sanctity of Human Life
By far the most drastic way that the “human animal” idea has affected our culture is our view of the value of human life. As a Christian, I believe that we were created in the image of God, which makes us different from the animals. Genesis 9:6 says, “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made man.” Clearly, God values every human life. But in our culture, that is not the case. Our hospitals now kill over 132,000 innocent human lives every year. Abortion is the American holocaust. And what’s worse, the doctors who perform abortions often will tell their patients that all they are doing is removing a “lump of tissue”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What are we really Killing?
Abortion stops beating hearts, in fact if most of the babies that have been aborted were born premature, they would still need special life support systems, but they would be under the full protection of the law. Aborted babies can also feel pain, they have fingerprints, and the ability to grow up to have a normal life even if born premature. So it’s really not a question of whether or not it’s a person. It’s just a matter of if the baby is born, or unborn. What’s the difference? Further demonstrating the inconsistency of our laws, did you know that if someone kills a pregnant woman, they are charged with DOUBLE homicide! But the doctors would say that this same baby was just a lump of tissue.

Abortion is murder
I had no idea how bad it has gotten until I saw a pro-life bumper sticker that said something like, “3000 Americans have been killed by terrorists since 1990, 4000 Americans have been killed by abortionists since yesterday.” If we ever get through this American holocaust, historians will no doubt wonder how we could have been so barbaric! This country needs to make a fast U-turn, and start valuing every human life as a gift from God.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Evolution Today

A lot has changed in 200 years...
Do you realize how far the study of science has come in the last century? It was only 105 years ago, that flight was discovered by the Write brothers. The first controlled nuclear chain reaction was 66 years ago. The first time a man walked on the moon was only 39 years ago! If our understanding of science has changed so much in the past century, why should we still believe, unquestioningly, in the ideas of a man born 200 years ago? Much less in a man with no scientific notability except a bachelors degree in medicine! I hope you’re surprised to find that most people do. In fact, much of our tax money is used to support his ideas, and make students question the existence of God in our public schools. Of course, I’m talking about macro evolution.

A quote you won't hear in class
Charles Darwin seemed to realize that as science advanced, his ideas might be proven wrong. He even said, “What is true in my book will survive, and that which is error will be blown away as chaff.” So, has evolution been confirmed over the years, or “blown away”. I hope that by the time you are done reading this website, you will be better informed in the truth. Evolution cannot compete with modern science. The only reason that people think evolution is viable is that everyone else does, and if they question evolution they will be ridiculed and called a "Creationist". Here is one example of a way that modern science has brought problems in Charles Darwin’s Ideas to light. Also, read the other posts on this website, to get an even better idea of the types of problems evolution now faces.

Structural Homology
As Charles Darwin studied different species, he discovered a trend in the skeletal structure of vastly different creatures. For instance, if you would examine the bones in the forearm of a bat, porpoise, bird, and human, you would find that they are quite similar. They all have a Humerus in their upper arm, and two bones, (one called a radius, the other an ulna) in its lower arm. And, like the human hand, they have carpals, metacarpals, and phalanges in the hand. In fact, with the exception of the bird, they all have five digits! Of course, the bones have each been adapted to suit each creatures needs, for instance, (a bats digits are longer than its lower arm). Darwin saw this, and decided it was clear evidence that all these creatures all came from the same ancestor. In his day, this was a valid observation. However, back in Darwin’s time, no one knew how traits were passed from parent, to offspring. Genetics is a fairly new field.

What they wish we never learned
So what’s the problem? Well, now that we know how DNA works, we can look at the chromosomes that contain the DNA that tells an animal what types of bones to grow. If structural homology is the result of common ancestry, then the DNA that tells these creatures what types of bones to make should also be similar. However, no two DNA strands resemble each other at all! Impossible? Yes, unless you’re talking about intelligent design. The only one who could build similar structures out of completely different DNA sequences is God. After all, He wrote the genetic code. I personally think he used the same forearm design multiple times because it worked well. As to the genetic side of structural homology, I think god used totally different DNA sequences so that no one could discredit him for his awesome creation.

Micro, Not Macro
This is just one example of how multiple branches of science contradict macro evolution. There are so many out there I will never be able to write about all of them. You know, I don’t think Charles Darwin was that bad of a guy. He was a careful researcher, and he realized that his ideas were not all going to be scientifically valid forever. If scientists today were as open minded as Charles Darwin, I guarantee, we would be hearing a very different message in our public schools. Although Darwin's work with micro evolution contributed greatly to the science of biology, he took his ideas too far, and tried to explain all of life with macro evolution. I think Darwin has a place in the classroom for his work with micro evolution and natural selection, but lets be fair and say macro evolution is being taught like a law, when in reality it is flawed, and is less scientifically noteworthy than intelligent design.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Define “Liberties”
I recently read a tract titled “The ACLU vs. America”. What I read was so disturbing that I decided to write this post to inform you what measures are being done by the ACLU to destroy the freedoms of Americans. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is a multimillion dollar corporation that “defends” our civil liberties, (at least, the liberties they think should be defended) by pressuring authorities and filing huge lawsuits to anyone who opposes their practice. Let’s take a close look at the “liberties” that the ACLU defends to get an idea of what they stand for.

The ACLU vs. Prayer
In 1963 the ACLU outlawed prayer and the devotional reading of scripture in public schools in Pennsylvania. Since then they have banned graduation invocations, pregame voluntary prayer, and even moments of silence, from schools nationwide. Not only have the ACLU targeted our public schools, but in one case in Louisiana, they actually “demanded jail time for any politician who prayed in a manner they disapproved of”. In South Carolina and Virginia they threatened those who used “Jesus’ name” in prayer with lawsuit. Although against Christians praying, in Virginia the ACLU filed suit demanding that a wiccan witch be allowed to pray during a town meeting. They also work to prevent Christians from sharing the gospel in Public places.

The ACLU vs. Family
The ACLU has also tried, (and failed) to force Boy Scouts of America to accept homosexual scout leaders. “Since the ACLU’s founding in 1920 its leaders have sought to redefine marriage and the family in a relentless campaign to separate sexual activity from morality and responsibility”. The ACLU is currently fighting for same-sex “marriage” in states coast to coast. The ACLU also stands for the degrading of human life from conception until death, and defends the distribution of childhood pornography.

The ACLU vs. God
It’s easy to make excuses to do what we want to do. We could sell murder as a “civil liberty” since we have the right to be happy and do what we want. But the truth is, we are not free to do whatever we want to do. Christians believe that God decides what is right, and what is wrong. Unfortunately, it seems that the ACLU doesn’t understand this. Maybe it’s because we stand up for absolute morals that they attack us so consistently. In my family the ACLU will always be the “Anti-Christian Lunatics Union”. When you give a liberty, you often have to take one. When you give people the liberty to not hear Christian ideas in school, you take away a Christian’s liberty to talk about those ideas. The ACLU is not fighting injustice, they are fighting God. and this is why they can’t win.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Freaks of Evolution Part 5

The Bombardier Beetle

This is one of my favorite examples of the falsehood of evolution. The bombardier beetle has a defense system that is somewhat like a cross between tear gas and an M-14! It stores enzymes in one body chamber, and hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinones (some rather harmless compounds), in another body chamber. When the bombardier beetle feels threatened, it mixes these enzymes with the other compounds (hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinones), inside it's body. The resulting spray of benzoquinones from the end of the abdomen, explodes at an amazing 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The mixture is pumped through twin rotating rear nozzles that resemble a B-17's gun turret!

Since these chemicals are so explosive when mixed, they must be kept completely separate, or the beetle would explode. That is why there are two bodily chambers that store them separately. If these chemicals were combined upon formation, they most certainly would explode. These chemicals are mixed, right before the exit from the firing chamber, in such a way that they will not explode inside the beetle, scientists still do not understand how this is accomplished. However, this makes the mixture useless against predators. That's why there is another chemical factory that produces the catalyst necessary to start the explosion. This requires an asbestos-lined firing chamber. The explosion is then directed toward the offender with such precision that it requires a very complex nervous system and a brain that is able to make quick decisions to be able to tell what is an enemy and what is not. Furthermore, the explosion is let out like a machine gun, in lots of little blasts instead of one large one. This is to avoid the thrust through the air required by Newton's Third Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

If we were to consider the possibility of the bombardier beetle having evolved, we would run into the problem of the irreducibly complex defense system that this beetle possesses. In order for this complex system to have evolved, every part of this defense system must have evolved at exactly the same time. The beetle must have all parts of its defense system present and fully functional or the bug would blow up! If the individual parts did not evolve simultaneously, predators would be quite surprised to see their prey explode before their eyes! This is yet another example of "irreducible complexity". This is so complex that scientists still cannot explain how, in a step-by-step method, this incredible machine works. I think that anybody could look at the bombardier beetle and see that it points to God's intelligent design. I am always amazed at the wonders of God's creation. Especially when I look at the bombardier beetle!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Evolutioary Concepts Part1

Racism has probably been the most tragic idea in all of history. Millions of Africans were taken from their homes to live their entire lives working themselves to death. Australian aborigines were hunted down and killed in masses for sport, (not to mention sold to zoos). And Millions of Jews were executed during the holocaust all for nothing but the Heritage they were born into. Racism seems to have become a popular subject after the 2008 elections. Despite popular opinion, I think Racism played in Obama’s favor during the elections. Some people tried so hard to be “anti-racist” that they turned out to be bigger racists than anybody. Needless to say, racism is a mess. And it all started with a man called Charles Darwin.

The “Favored Races”
Everyone who has taken a high school biology class will have heard of the book, “The Origen of Species” by Darwin. What you will not hear is the rest of the books name. The books full name is “The Origen of Species and The preservation of the Favored Races”. Charles Darwin was a racist. After all, if humans really evolved from apes, how do we know that we are not still evolving? Darwin believed that some races of humans were closer to monkeys than others, and that therefore, certain races must be better than others! This was what gave a man named Adolf Hitler a really bad idea. Hitler thought that by killing certain races like the Jews, he could drive evolution forward and create a new race of superior humans.

Since Darwin’s time, we have learned a great deal more about genetics. We now know that the differences between races are so small, that they couldn’t make any human less human than another. Skin color is the result of a skin pigment called melanin. Different types of eyes are caused by whether or not you have a fatty clump above your eye. God created the differences we see in the races around the world. No race is a genetic mistake. In fact, the reason God created different skin tones was to enable people to adapt to their environment. Large amounts of melanin help deflect excess sunlight, making dark-skinned people thrive at the equator. And small amounts of melanin help northern people to absorb as much sun as possible.

Draw the Line
Let’s face it, if evolution is right, is what Hitler did wrong? Your immediate answer will be “yes” of course, but where do you draw the line? Hitler thought his killing was justifiable by the fact that those he was killing weren’t as fit to live as he. So would it be ok to kill ape-men? Would it be ok for ape-men to kill ape-men? Most people believe that murder is wrong, (with the exception of our friends at Planned Parenthood). But is murder really murder if those you kill aren’t on the same evolutional level as you are? We kill animals all the time, (I hunt deer), and have no problem with it. If you believe in evolution, you have to be able to draw a line somewhere.


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