Jeremiah 9:6

"'You live in the midst of deception; in thier deceit they refuse to acknowledge me', Declares the Lord."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Freaks of Evolution Part 3

The Giraffe
Giraffes are just one of the many creatures that are an obvious threat to the Theory of Evolution. Through this article, I will challenge the Evolutionary theory by exposing one of the threats that the followers of this theory like to avoid discussing.

A very large and strong heart is needed to pump the necessary blood up the neck of an 18-foot bull giraffe, against gravity. Therefore, the giraffe has been designed with a heart that can be as long as two and a half feet! However, this creates a problem. The giraffe has to bend down to drink water. When he does this, the enormous amount of blood pressure generated by the heart, now pumping with gravity, would rush into the brain causing it to explode!

The Creator is smart enough to not let this happen. When the bull bends over, there are valves in the arteries within the neck, which immediately start to close! This reduces the pressure going to the brain, but this is still not enough to prevent explosion of the cranial blood vessels. So, the giraffe is equipped with another set of blood vessels! These are called, the rete mirabile, which essentially acts as a sponge to hold the extra blood!

There is still another problem. Suppose a lion approaches, and instinctively the giraffe lifts its head up and begins to run! However, due to a lack of blood-flow to the brain, he passes out! This doesn't happen though, the valves in the neck open, and the rete mirbile slowly lets the blood into the brain, allowing the giraffe to run away with out passing out, or becoming giraffe steak!

This incredibly designed system is so complex that scientists still do not fully understand it! This is just one example of the "irreducible complexity" of creation! Without any one of these complex systems, the giraffe would not be able to survive! This means that if Evolution really was true, then all of these parts would of had to evolve at exactly the same time! Or.... you could believe that an intelligent, all knowing, Creator-God, designed the giraffe and all of its complex systems!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Odds of a Protein

The Building Block
Proteins are some of most important molecules on the globe. No living thing can function without them. They are the basic building block for every cell structure, and they are a essential component of the chemical reactions that make life possible. Proteins are made of a long string of amino acids. If one of these amino acids was out of place or missing, the protein would be completely useless. Evolution depends on the formation of life from non-living matter. Evolution scientists estimate it would have taken at least 250 proteins to perform even the most basic life functions. To get an idea of how impossible this is, we will study the odds of one protein.

To make it as easy on the hypothesis of evolution, we will assume that the solution that will randomly form our protein only has the 17 different types of amino acids we need to form the very simplest protein in the world,the protein Ribonuclease. The protein of Ribonuclease has 124 amino acids. The chances of "random selection" choosing the correct amino acid to begin the protein with are 1 in 17. Not at all unlikely. However, getting the first and second amino acid correct is much less likely. To figure out the likelihood of this, we multiply 1 in 17 times 1 in 17 or, 1 in 289. The chances of getting three in a row are 1 in 17 X 1 in 17 X 1 in 17, or 1 in 4,913. The chances of all of 124 of the amino acids in the entire protein falling into the correct order by random chance is 1 in 10 with 152 zeros trailing after it. That’s a BIG number. Now, let’s say random chance could “create” a different string of amino acids every minute, (an incredible feat in a laboratory). It would take you roughly (2x10 with 145 zeros) years to produce every possible combination. That is, of course, if you never created the same combination twice.

Further Implications
Now realize that this is ONLY ONE of the 250 proteins even evolutionists admit must have been present from the beginning of the first life form’s existence! Not to mention the 200,000 some different types of proteins found in the human body alone. It’s also THE SIMPLEST PROTEIN, made in THE BEST POSSIBLE SOLUTION for the protein to be formed in. we also assume that it would take only A FRACTION of the time it would usually take to form a new string of amino acids. 2X10 with 145 zeros is a tiny fraction of the time it would take life to spontaneously form. And our planet couldn’t even have provided a stable environment for thirty million years!

Just Lucky?
Remember the odds of the random formation of Ribonuclease? They are 1 in 10 with 152 zeroes. We all know those odds are extremely improbable. But It turns out when mathematicians finds odds of 1 in 10 with 50 zeroes or more, they won’t even think twice. They consider those odds absolutely impossible and not worth consideration. We weren’t just lucky. We were created.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Total Predestination

Predestination in the Bible
You may or may not be familiar with the term, “predestination”. So, before I get started I’ll explain. Romans 8:29-30 says, “For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his son, that he might be the firstborn of many brothers. And those he predestined, he also called; and those he called, he also justified; and those he justified, he also glorified.” Two main views have developed to explain this passage and define predestination.

The select Few
Total predestination is the view that God has chosen only a select group of people to receive salvation. This view interprets Romans 8:29-30 very literally, (which is a good thing). Look at Romans again, the whole passage is a string of events, God “foreknew”, then “predestined” then “called”, “justified”, and finally “glorified”. What got me is the “called” part. Predestination comes before being called, so it seems like God doesn’t call everyone to himself. But wait a second, to be justified; (forgiven of your sins) you must be called. And we all know that salvation, (glorification) is impossible without forgiveness. So in the end, it seems like God doesn’t give many people a chance to accept his forgiveness, and receive salvation. Although this view is as strait forward as they come, I believe it is a total misunderstanding, and a huge contradiction to the rest of the bible. The Bible says over and over again that our God is a God of love. First Timothy 2:3-4 says, “This is good, and pleases God our savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth”. How could a God of love, who wants everyone to be saved, create this world knowing that by doing so, he was condemning thousands to hell? And why would he limit his kingdom to a select few when such a high price was paid for our ransom?
What’s a better explanation?
The view I believe to be true is called predestination. It is the view that God extends salvation to everyone. However, out of his divine wisdom, God foreknows who will end up in heaven. Think about it, God knows your decisions before you make them, that doesn’t mean he forces you to make certain decisions, you make them, he foreknows them. So, at the end of your life, God knows if you will have decided to accept his gift of salvation, or reject it. This is what meant by “Foreknew” is. Being predestined, then, means that before you were born, god knew Whether or not you would be saved. In other words, god “pre-knew” your destination! The next step is being called. God wants everyone to be saved, and therefore, extends his invitation to everyone. However, to those predestined for heaven, he extends a special, personal calling. And the greatest calling in each of our lives is to tell others about God. In this way, God is able to extend his invitation to people all over the globe.

An Excuse to be Apathetic
Needless to say, your view of Predestination has severe implications on your life. it determines your view on the nature of God, and determines how you live your faith out every day. But most importantly, your view of predestination will determine how you regard witnessing. Every three seconds a death occurs on earth, how many of those souls do you think end up in heaven? One out of ten? One out of fifty? Less? I don’t know, but the scary thing is, if you believe in total predestination, there’s nothing you can do about it. And even worse, God doesn’t care. This gives many Christians an excuse to be apathetic, and to “feel good” even as they watch thousands of souls cast into an eternity of suffering. The truth is, we can do something in all those lives! In fact, god’s primary way to invite people to his kingdom is through us. And picture this, when you help someone to find Christ, God already knew you would! So, that person is already predestined for heaven. Again, I can’t stress this enough, that person was not going to heaven until God reached out his invitation through you. God knows your deeds before you make them, but it’s your decision to make them. Let’s not be apathetic Christians. We have some serious work to do!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Freaks of Evolution Part 2

The platypus
The platypus is probably the most famous and popular evolution-defying creature on the planet. In fact, when explorers first brought stories and skins of these amazing animals, the scientists of the day refused to believe they were real! They thought the explorers must have sown together a few different animals as a joke. Obviously, this is a case of convergent evolution. convergent evolution is when a similar characteristic supposedly evolves in two separate animals. The platypus has a bill and webbed feet like a duck, a tail like a beaver, and lays eggs like a reptile.
To have all these features combined into one animal defies all attempts to explain its evolution. Other special features include an electro-sensors built into its bill, super fine fur (900 hairs per mm), and flaps of skin that protect its eyes and ears when diving. Clearly, the platypus is the result of a creative designer, not random chance. It continues to frustrate those poor souls in charge of putting it on an evolutionary family tree!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Freaks of Evolution Part 1

Who you calling a freak?
Ok, first let me get one thing strait, freaks of evolution aren’t demented biology professors. Freaks of evolution, as I will call them, are strange, and highly unlikely things that evolution is supposed to have done. Kind of like a freak of nature, savey? Of course, the whole idea of pond scum, lightning bolts, and destructive mutations randomly creating any form of life is impossible. But believe it or not, the situation gets worse than that. When it gets worse, it becomes a freak of evolution.

Convergent Evolution
Our first freak began way back when scientists found the need to establish an evolutionary family tree. To do this, they tried to fit every known species back to back in a chart showing their gradual evolution. Of course, the absence of smooth transitions between different types of animals, was what first inspired the phrase, “missing link”, by Darwin’s own admission, missing links are an incredible setback to the entire hypothesis of evolution. Another huge setback, Convergent evolution, has also plagued evolutionary scientists. Convergent evolution is when a similar trait evolves multiple times, in totally separate types of animals. It’s like a tornado causing the random assembly of two 747 jumbo jets instead of one! Whereas evolution is impossible, convergent evolution is double, triple, or even quadruple impossible.

By far my favorite case of convergent evolution is flight. Think about it, there are actually FOUR separate phylums of animals that have the ability to fly. Birds, Insects, Bats (mammals), and extinct flying reptiles. To an evolutionist, this means that the engineering miracle of flight, (taking humans hundreds of years to develop), randomly happened upon four different creatures, and all of them survived thousands of years of transitional life, before finally gaining all the necessary equipment, and taking to the skies.

How hard is Flight?
As I said above, the ancestors of flying creatures would have had to survive thousands of years while developing flight. For birds, Mammals, and reptiles, I imagine this was especially hard. What happens, for instance, when an eagle loses its ability to fly? It becomes easy prey for hungry predators. Natural selection is a real thing, but in this, and many other cases, it would hinder evolution, not drive it forward. Also, think how hard it was for human engineers to develop flight. As my science book would say “The processes involved are far beyond the scope of this coarse”, there is no way I could explain every design that humans have copied from flying animals. However, here are a few examples.

First, as any fifth grader knows, the shape bird’s wing’s created an aria of high and low pressure, which is what enables them to fly. The Write brother’s success, (as the success of every plane since) was all due to copying this design.

Also, as flight developed, planes got faster and faster, and began experiencing turbulence. Planes would literally shake to pieces during take-offs and landings. Once again, flight engineers turned to the bird. They discovered a little feather that was extended in front of the wing each time the bird took off or landed. Not knowing what this feather did, they closely copied the design and turbulence problems were solved. Years later, with the aid of a super computer, scientists found that the physics behind this simple feather were, once again, “Beyond the scope of this coarse”.

Our final example once again comes from the bird. As airplanes advanced, the material needed to build a plane became stronger and stronger. But, as the material got stronger, the plane got heavier. There was a need for a light material that was still extremely strong. Hollow tubes were used, but they were often not strong enough. So, engineers imitated bird bones, creating tubes with many air pockets, each separated by thin sheets of metal. This structure proved many times stronger, and only slightly heavier.

Common Creator
There are many other examples of convergent evolution that I hope to write about. Each case drives home the fact that evolution is not the explanation for this universe. Convergent evolution is more than just a “freak thing”, or a lucky accident. Convergent evolution screams a testimony to our common creator, not common ancestor.


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