Jeremiah 9:6

"'You live in the midst of deception; in thier deceit they refuse to acknowledge me', Declares the Lord."

Friday, January 9, 2009

Evolutioary Concepts Part1

Racism has probably been the most tragic idea in all of history. Millions of Africans were taken from their homes to live their entire lives working themselves to death. Australian aborigines were hunted down and killed in masses for sport, (not to mention sold to zoos). And Millions of Jews were executed during the holocaust all for nothing but the Heritage they were born into. Racism seems to have become a popular subject after the 2008 elections. Despite popular opinion, I think Racism played in Obama’s favor during the elections. Some people tried so hard to be “anti-racist” that they turned out to be bigger racists than anybody. Needless to say, racism is a mess. And it all started with a man called Charles Darwin.

The “Favored Races”
Everyone who has taken a high school biology class will have heard of the book, “The Origen of Species” by Darwin. What you will not hear is the rest of the books name. The books full name is “The Origen of Species and The preservation of the Favored Races”. Charles Darwin was a racist. After all, if humans really evolved from apes, how do we know that we are not still evolving? Darwin believed that some races of humans were closer to monkeys than others, and that therefore, certain races must be better than others! This was what gave a man named Adolf Hitler a really bad idea. Hitler thought that by killing certain races like the Jews, he could drive evolution forward and create a new race of superior humans.

Since Darwin’s time, we have learned a great deal more about genetics. We now know that the differences between races are so small, that they couldn’t make any human less human than another. Skin color is the result of a skin pigment called melanin. Different types of eyes are caused by whether or not you have a fatty clump above your eye. God created the differences we see in the races around the world. No race is a genetic mistake. In fact, the reason God created different skin tones was to enable people to adapt to their environment. Large amounts of melanin help deflect excess sunlight, making dark-skinned people thrive at the equator. And small amounts of melanin help northern people to absorb as much sun as possible.

Draw the Line
Let’s face it, if evolution is right, is what Hitler did wrong? Your immediate answer will be “yes” of course, but where do you draw the line? Hitler thought his killing was justifiable by the fact that those he was killing weren’t as fit to live as he. So would it be ok to kill ape-men? Would it be ok for ape-men to kill ape-men? Most people believe that murder is wrong, (with the exception of our friends at Planned Parenthood). But is murder really murder if those you kill aren’t on the same evolutional level as you are? We kill animals all the time, (I hunt deer), and have no problem with it. If you believe in evolution, you have to be able to draw a line somewhere.



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