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"'You live in the midst of deception; in thier deceit they refuse to acknowledge me', Declares the Lord."

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Define “Liberties”
I recently read a tract titled “The ACLU vs. America”. What I read was so disturbing that I decided to write this post to inform you what measures are being done by the ACLU to destroy the freedoms of Americans. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is a multimillion dollar corporation that “defends” our civil liberties, (at least, the liberties they think should be defended) by pressuring authorities and filing huge lawsuits to anyone who opposes their practice. Let’s take a close look at the “liberties” that the ACLU defends to get an idea of what they stand for.

The ACLU vs. Prayer
In 1963 the ACLU outlawed prayer and the devotional reading of scripture in public schools in Pennsylvania. Since then they have banned graduation invocations, pregame voluntary prayer, and even moments of silence, from schools nationwide. Not only have the ACLU targeted our public schools, but in one case in Louisiana, they actually “demanded jail time for any politician who prayed in a manner they disapproved of”. In South Carolina and Virginia they threatened those who used “Jesus’ name” in prayer with lawsuit. Although against Christians praying, in Virginia the ACLU filed suit demanding that a wiccan witch be allowed to pray during a town meeting. They also work to prevent Christians from sharing the gospel in Public places.

The ACLU vs. Family
The ACLU has also tried, (and failed) to force Boy Scouts of America to accept homosexual scout leaders. “Since the ACLU’s founding in 1920 its leaders have sought to redefine marriage and the family in a relentless campaign to separate sexual activity from morality and responsibility”. The ACLU is currently fighting for same-sex “marriage” in states coast to coast. The ACLU also stands for the degrading of human life from conception until death, and defends the distribution of childhood pornography.

The ACLU vs. God
It’s easy to make excuses to do what we want to do. We could sell murder as a “civil liberty” since we have the right to be happy and do what we want. But the truth is, we are not free to do whatever we want to do. Christians believe that God decides what is right, and what is wrong. Unfortunately, it seems that the ACLU doesn’t understand this. Maybe it’s because we stand up for absolute morals that they attack us so consistently. In my family the ACLU will always be the “Anti-Christian Lunatics Union”. When you give a liberty, you often have to take one. When you give people the liberty to not hear Christian ideas in school, you take away a Christian’s liberty to talk about those ideas. The ACLU is not fighting injustice, they are fighting God. and this is why they can’t win.


George said...

Awesome! A book on the attacks on Boy Scouts over their stands for morals is, "On My Honor" by Rick Perry, the Governor of the great state of TX! Keep up the good work!

Mark Neumann said...

Keep it up son! I'm glad that there are some young people who are paying attention to the kind of stuff that's just becoming such a part of our crazy culture. They are really decptions that must be exposed.


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