Jeremiah 9:6

"'You live in the midst of deception; in thier deceit they refuse to acknowledge me', Declares the Lord."

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Direction

Well it's been a long time since I've written anything on the Cultural Deceptions blog - I suppose the last two years have been some of the craziest, busiest, but also best of my life. I got my license, my first car, started college, began work in an actual professional career, and have seen God's blessing in my life in ways I never imagined. It pains me that beginning college classes has forced blogging to the back burner for now, but at the same time, perhaps I am more prepared for critical writing and argumentation now that my education is really heating up.

I see I have a number of followers, and we passed the 4,000 hit mark a while back. Obviously there is still a need for truth in our confusing culture. And while this blog might be a small and insignificant source of truth, I feel the need to continue. Please read "Carrying Concealed," an argument I have taken up recently, and which I was able to devote and entire semester to perfecting.
I believe "Carrying Concealed" is a fair heads-up to the direction I am going to be taking this blog. I no longer feel the need to write further on the Creation-Evolution debate, in part because I have grown tired of it. You could read the dozens of posts I hammered out years back, as well as a thousand more I could write over the next year and still not see the truth. My advice is this: if you still doubt, get off your computer and go on a walk. Better yet, visit a state park or watch a sunset. Then try to replicate the beauty you see. If, like me, your attempts are less than this supposed random world full of accidents, give some credit to the fact that our world is beautiful, and must have a designer.
With the recent events in our government, I feel the need to write on legal and political issues. From now on, this blog is a politically dangerous place. I'm tired of people who won't say it like it is. So I'm going to share my ideas, and I invite you to share yours. I'll probably get called a racist or a bigot, or whatever. Who cares? So this is just a heads up. Political writings are on their way. Until then, keep searching for truth "as for hidden treasure."


George Holleway said...

Hey Elijah! Are you going to keep this up? I see you posted this a little over two years back, I was just wondering though. I've started a new blog recently as my calling is more towards ministry than politics. I'm also not a skillful writer when it comes to constructing arguments. So my new blog is more focused on casual writing based on scripture for the instruction and sharpening of believers. Only two posts so far though. if you're interested its

I hope to see some more from you if you decide to revisit this since I got a lot out of your Carrying Concealed article.


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