Jeremiah 9:6

"'You live in the midst of deception; in thier deceit they refuse to acknowledge me', Declares the Lord."

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

where Are the Dinosaurs?

Extinct or Alive?
Most people these days would be quick to tell you that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and are now extinct. This idea has been popularized by scientists who believe unquestioningly in the hypothesis of macro evolution. And no wonder, if a live dinosaur was found today, the hypothesis of evolution would have yet another serious problem.

The Geological Colum
Geologists have looked at rock strata from all over the world and came up with a chart called the “Geological Colum”. You’re probably familiar with the concept. Different types of fossils are found at different levels in the rock strata. And they are shown on the chart next to the layer of rock they are found in. since many scientists believe stubbornly that the rock layers were formed over millions of years, and since all dinosaur fossils are found deep down in the lower strata, the geological column claims that dinosaurs lived from about 245,000,000 years ago to 144,000,000 years ago. So here’s the problem. If dinosaur fossils stopped showing up 144,000,000 years ago, and dinosaurs are alive today, where did they disappear to for the years in between? In other words, how did dinosaurs manage to not drop a single fossil for 144,000,000 years?

The Razorback
So, the big question is; are there any dinosaurs alive today? I recently met a really cool old man at a family reunion. He told me and my dad about an encounter he had with a large reptile in the 1930’s. as a young man, he was spending the night at a cottage on the west shore of lake Huron in Michigan. He heard a chirping, croaking type noise that he said was sort of like a cricket. He walked outside to investigate. The sound was coming from inside an old broken down ford truck. When he popped open the hood a large reptile crawled out. From what he described I estimate it was between 2½ to 4ft long. It had a razor back, (a large, fleshy sail on the top of its back) and teeth sticking out from its lower jaw, it probably had teeth on its upper jaw, but none were visible. It also had three clawed toes on each foot. He wanted to kill it, but could not penetrate its tough body. It also had two hard, vent-like plates on top of its head that it sucked air through and puffed it’s self up to look big. When it did this, its sail became ridged and stiff. He eventually found a soft spot below its head on its neck. He stabbed it and it immediately deflated “like a balloon”. Fearing people would think he was crazy; he buried it and has kept it quiet all these years. He said he knows where he buried it and has consulted a couple of educated people about what type of dinosaur it was.

Other Stories
Now I know what you’re thinking; oh sure Elijah, he’s just a crazy old man and you should know better than to believe something as illogical as that. It’s interesting how popular significantly less believable UFO stories are among the scientific community. Why do stories like this seem so unbelievable? Because we have been brought up thinking that we know that dinosaurs are extinct. But this isn’t the only story about an encounter with dinosaurs. There have been several reports of plesiosaur-like animals in a swamp in Africa. Stories of giant flying reptiles. And numerous reports of sea monsters that fit the description of swimming dinosaurs. But even if they're extinct, cave drawings and fossilized foot prints indicate that dinosaurs walked right alongside man. Either man lived longer ago than traditionally thought, or dinosaurs didn’t live all that long ago.


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